Beetle Bug 3

Beetle Bug 3

Beetle Bug is back and he’s going deeper underground
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Beetle Bug is back and he’s going deeper underground to save the whole 1341 of his little buggies, which got kidnapped. Help him to rescue his offspring and lead them back to safety. A great storyline and mouse controls make this adventure game a must have for fans and newcomers alike.If you like arcade games full of multimedia effects, then you will love Beetle Bug 3. The first thing you will have to do is to create your character, the game will automatically pull your name from your operative system user, but you are able to type it anyway. At the options section you can configure music and sounds music, the screen view and clear the scores as well.
At the beginning of each stage you will be told what your mission is and which tools or weapons you can use in order to accomplish it, but the basic idea at each level is to collect all your children and bring them home.
Before you start with the first level you will discover you are a lazy bug that doesn't even noticed that your children are missing, then your wife will command you to go and search for them, here is where your mission starts.
The different levels are represented by caverns in which you will have to be eating cheese, moving or blowing rocks in order to move from one path to another and then recollect your children in order to lead them to the exit.
Enjoy this fun arcade game where all you need to control the bug hero is your mouse.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Great multimedia effects and comes with a funny story


  • It´s not really a challenge
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